The rumored Ant-Man Legends line?

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I tried posting the following on another forum, but they didn't seem interested.

Several other forums have shown screen shots of a cryptic Target inventory listing for an Ant-Man toy. The general conjecture seems to be that this is a Legends wave. I found the following listings while searching for upcoming toys on Amazon:

  1. Avengers Ant Man Ant Man Action Figure
  2. Avengers Ant Man Marvels Tigershark Action Figure
  3. Avengers Ant Man Marvels Bulldozer Action Figure
  4. Avengers Ant Man Grim Reaper Action Figure
  5. Avengers Ant Man Giant Man Action Figure
  6. Avengers Ant Man Marvels Wasp Action Figure

The product descriptions are pretty much generic placeholders for Hasbro Marvel toy items. At first glance I thought this was a pretty odd selection to group together for a wave, but after some researching, there are a few interesting things to note.

Ant-Man/Wasp/Giant Man - Obviously tied in theme
Tigershark/Bulldozer - Two one-time members of the Masters of Evil (Baron Zemo's version) along with the Goliath (Josten) fought against Ant-Man & Giant Man at least once. Also, Hasbro has shown prototypes/paint masters of these two, so they're just waiting to be slotted into a wave.
Grim Reaper- According to Wikipedia, he placed the Goliath (Pym) and Wasp in comas at one point.

Noticeably absent from the listings was Yellowjacket. Is it possible that he is the BAF?

I'm very curious to see if this is actually a Legends wave, and if so, are they straight comic incarnations of the characters or is it possible there was time to sneak a movie Ant-Man or Yellowjacket in there?


Mr. Tibbs

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I really hope there's some movie goodness in there. At least Ant Man (I'd be shocked if there isn't one) and Yellow Jacket to give us a villain.

The lack of Legends scale movie villains is really weird. Especially from Avengers (Chi'Tari army builders would've sold pretty strong. But this was also a Walmart Exclusive wave). As much as I love the GotG wave, including the 2 comic characters, they definately had enough options for a whole second wave that could have given us Ronan and Nebula at the very least.


- CP

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Does anyone recall that well-intended original Avengers box set from many years back? I still have a picture of the prototype that included a "man-sized" Ant-Man. (Just like Kirby designed him; I shudder to imagine what poor Henry's costume will look like once Hollywood is finished redesigning it...) I do so wish that this full-sized, on-model version had been released.

I'm a bit surprised that Marvel is wasting time on an Ant Man movie, but I suppose after the accidental GOTG hit they feel empowered. AM was of great historical importance to Marvel, being another one of those cold war, sci-fi (or cowboy) characters (like Spidey, Hulk, Two Gun Kid) that Jack reinvented as superheroes...but his stories were weak and his overall importance to the Avengers reminded me of having teats on a mule.

IMO, Ant-Man is one of those characters (like Giant Man, Cap, Thor) that only Jack Kirby seemed to draw the best. I loved his cool "Mercury Space Helmet"...which I always saw as being WHITE, not silver.

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Looks like another entry was added today:

-Avengers Ant Man Infinite 3.75" Figure with Ant Action Figure

Curiouser and curiouser.


Mr. Tibbs

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I'm real curious to see if this line-up is true, and then if so, I'll be real interested in seeing which of these will be movie designs and which will be comic designs.
The Winter Soldier and Amazing Spider-man movie lines have done a fantastic job of not only getting out quality movie stuff, but some really great comic figures in thee too, so we'll see. And it's just 2 weeks till Toy Fair.