I saw the new Star Wars Black 6-inch series in Target this morning

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This was in a Target in eastern Ohio. Looks like they had 1 box. There was 1 each of Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Luke in his black outfit and a Stormtrooper with a black shoulder pad. Luke's box was a little crushed, so I only got Vader and Chewie. And the paint on Vader's chest plate looked bad, but I figured I better buy him now, and I can exchange it later if I find a better looking one.

So they're out there, let the hunt begin!

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Chewbacca is definately the stand out of this wave. Yes I'd rather he not have a yelling face, but if you pose him right it looks like he's doing a battle cry.


- CP

mrhoss_ (not verified)

My Target has not managed to get past series 2. They put out another case as recently as three weeks ago.

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Thanks for the post. I was able to snag Vader, Chewy and the Trooper at my Target. Vader did not ring up so they rang Chewy twice. Now if only Walgreens would come through with those solid White Boba cases.



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Crazy that just a short time ago, there were no Star Wars figures in this scale.
We all dreamed of them, so that our Marvel Legends Dr Doom could take on Darth Vader, but alas, it was just a crazy dream.

Fast forward to now and not only is Hasbro making them, and doing a pretty darn good job too, but we're getting Revoltechs, MAFEX, those neat Bandai model kits and SH Figuarts of them too. And OMG those Figuarts Luke and Han look amazing.

I picked up the Black Series Vader and while I think he's a really good effort, there are things holding him back, like a terrible range of motion in the elbows for no good reason. I may end up kitbashing a few of the best aspects from several toys to get the best result. Still, heck of a time to be a Star Wars lover and a lover of the 1/12 scale.