HotToys 60s Batman?

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Yikes! It seems to me that, for once, Hot Toys may have slipped up on their 1:6 Adam West Batman. I'm sure he'll look boffo with Robin in some $1000 1:6 scale HT Batmobile, but otherwise, this new Batman figure sounds (and looks!) like it has many problems for its lofty price tag. Moreover, this simply does NOT look all that much like Adam West to me, much less the overall quality I've come to expect from HT:

I own the 1:4 NECA Batman:

And although I'm not a big fan of the huge 1:4 scale, nor am I in love with that particular, unsightly torso joint mechanism...nor the extremely stiff joints he had out of the box, this big boy looks far more like West to me. The HT version looks like a knock offs they showed at ToyFair recently...

BTW, please note that the NECA Batman's cloth bits & corresponding plastic gloves, boots, trunks, cowl...all match why HT couldn't achieve this for twice the price I cannot begin to imagine.

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It doesn't make sense to me why they didn't get the colors to match. However, I do think that this looks exactly like Adam West. The mean face doesn't really, but the others two are spot on imo. The detail with the cape vs. gloves is a bummer and could have been remedied with coloring.