New Atlantic City Comic Convention in 2015


MARCH 6, 2014, RED BANK, NJ - If you're a fan of comics, cosplaying, games, and all things Geek, then get ready for an awesome celebration - AC Boardwalk Con 2015!

AC Boardwalk Con (ACBC) will take place over the weekend of May 14-17, 2015, in Atlantic City, NJ. This late Spring/Early Summer time frame delivers a full-fledged con experience to the East Coast at the beginning of the con season.

ACBC is brought to life by the creative team behind award-winning booth designs and event marketing campaigns for clients including Marvel and 2K Games. "I came up with AC Boardwalk Con because my team and I have had extensive experience with exhibitors and fans through our sister company, Promoguys Marketing Group," says Michael D'Alessio, founder of AC Boardwalk Con and President of Promoguys Marketing Group. "I developed a show that is fan-centric, but also definitively delivers the marketing opportunities, interactivity, and visibility that exhibitors and vendors want from a convention."

Offering quite a few unique add-ons that fans are sure to enjoy, as well as creating new opportunities for exhibitors to interact with the attendees and press, ACBC is adding levels to the con experience. The show is designed to offer exhibitors further reach beyond their cement floor space, while creating a more interactive experience for the fans.

ACBC is already in negotiations with some of the comic and gaming industries' major publishers, as well as with top-tier creators and celebrity guests.

Some ACBC show attributes include:

  • The 30,000 square foot ACBC Cosplay Ballroom Party is the ultimate Cosplayers' Party. Realistic, panoramic backdrops for walk-up photos, celebrity Cosplayer Hosts, pop-up performances and more are just some of the happenings at the ACBC Cosplay Ballroom Party.

  • The ACBC UnMasked Experience is a first-come/first-served experience where celebrity guests kick back and enjoy a more intimate experience with the fans.

  • The ACBC High Rollers Lounge is one of the more exclusive experiences at the con. Membership includes cocktails with celebrities in a laid back and interactive environment. Membership is extended to only 200 attendees.

  • Keep an eye on the ACBC Spotlight Stages where pop-up experiences from Exhibitors, Vendors, Celebrities, and Industry Professionals take place when you least expect it.

  • Enroll in classes taught by industry leaders in the ACBC School for Fans. The more classes you attend, the more Con-Creds you earn. The more Con-Creds you earn, the better your ACBC Graduation Gift will be!

  • The ACBC Emerging-Creator Program allows up-and-coming creators (writers, artists, developers and programmers) to have a chance of one-on-one meetings with comics and video gaming publishers and industry leaders in 15-minute segments. This unique opportunity allows the participant to have their work reviewed in front of them, while getting direct feedback on their work.

  • Meet your favorite Artists in the ACBC ArtPod Experience! ArtPods position artists and their work in a gallery setting right in the midst of the Show Floor.

  • Cosplayers rejoice! Private changing rooms offer more space than a phone booth and a secret lair to kick your boots off. Emergency Repair Stations, equipped with the essentials a Cosplayer could need: sewing machines, materials, painting areas, etc. are available right in the convention center. Become a member of the ACBC Secret Identity League and get full access during show hours.

ACBC is keeping a few cards close to their vest, especially when it comes to the hotly anticipated Grand Marshals of the ACBC Midnight Masquerade Parade down the famous AC Boardwalk!

About AC Boardwalk Con

About ACBC: AC Boardwalk Con is the amazing comic, cosplay, gaming and all things geek convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey on May 14 - 17, 2015. Strategically positioned on the Con Calendar to be the premiere convention on the East Coast in the first half of the year, ACBC has a unique footing that truly makes it a stand-out show for exhibitors and attendees. [email protected]

About Promoguys Marketing Group: Promoguys is a full service promotional marketing agency that excels in trade show design and operation, event planning, digital marketing and launch parties. At Promoguys, we design, build and host trade show booths and events for which we've won numerous awards, at comic and gaming shows both domestically and abroad. [email protected]