So what ever happened to Toy Biz?

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Since the license for Marvel went to Hasbro and Legendary Comic Book Heroes folded, I haven't heard anything from them. Did they shut down?

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Gonzo...T-Biz became Marvel Ent. Inc. in '07, went bankcrupt, and hasblow picked up some of thier licenses...a mere wikipedia search would have yielded these results...too confusing Dan W ?

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Thanks for stating the obvious. I was really hoping to hear a bit more information about how they got to that point. It would be nice to hear what Jesse Falcon is up to as well.

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Umm, yeah. Wikipedia is wrong. That article has a number of errors, so take it with a grain of salt.

In 2006 Marvel decided to license out their characters rather than make them in-house. The primary driver was the (then) upcoming slate of Marvel movies.

Toy Biz then changed to the name 'Marvel Toys' and ironically stopped making Marvel toys. They moved into some comics figures (Legendary Comic Heroes) and wrestling (TNA? I don't know the wrestling leagues well).

As they moved forward they eventually dropped their toy manufacturing as they reduced risk and could make money by licensing them out. In 2009 Marvel became part of Disney.

I believe Jesse still works at Marvel in their licensing department, and he is still involved with the toys in working with Hasbro. I haven't spoken to him in several years, but he is usually there when they roll out new products and show off items at SDCC. I think he still works on some video projects for Marvel as well.

I think the best way to put it was Toy Biz changed their name and then stopped making toys for a variety of reasons.


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That makes more sense. I knew they became part of Marvel. It's a shame that they didn't continue with the toy manufacturing as well. Even beyond their Marvel figures, they had some terrific lines in the past.