What's up with UPS?

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Have you noticed?
Used to be an online vendor would ship via UPS and the item would arrive in a UPS van, right?
Now, more often than not, whenever I'm expecting a package from UPS it winds up being "transferred to the Post Office" for the postman to actually carry the package to my door.
I imagine the last leg of such a cross-country delivery might be the most costly? Is this some cost-saving trend for UPS (FedEx? DHL?), or some strategy for the Post Office to earn some additional revenue and hopefully stay solvent?

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I have seen this before with UPS (maybe FedEx). They basically deliver it to a USPS center and then USPS finishes the delivery.

I'm sure they do save some money though. It does take a little longer.


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I'm guessing that it is an attempt to get the best of both worlds. You get the benefits of UPS' service for the pick up and tracking. But they can also take advantage of the fact that the Post Office already delivers to residential locations daily. For UPS, those are special stops which may not work well with their other routes. And unlike deliveries to commercial locations that can be done in one stop, often UPS is having to make two or three trips to homes to find someone at home to sign.