Four Horsemen's 12 Days of Grayskull


December 2013 - As the Castle Grayskull playsets from Mattel begin to arrive at the doorsteps of good little boys and girls all over the world (by mail of course - those things are way too big for even Santa's magical bag!!), the Four Horsemen are putting up a daily feature chronicling the creation of this massive project!

Over the next week or so, "Desk Jockey: Twelve Days of Grayskull" will follow Four Horsemen sculptor Eric Treadaway on his journey from adding that first hunk of clay all the way through the final finished behemoth of a sculpture that eventually went into production and landed at your door. You can head over to the Four Horsemen's main internet hub, Source Horsemen and check out this and all of the recent "Desk Jockey" entrees by going here: