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Hi Gang,

New guy here. I'm a photographer and as the weather turns cold, I start shooting indoors. I have an idea for a 'shoot that would go with a short story (I'd write that) but I am in need of a figure (or a line of figures) with the following limitations/requirements:

(1) Dark. Adult. Like Alien, Predator, Hellraiser (esp Hellraiser)
(2) Fully pose-able, what I really need is the figure to bend/pose like a human, in other words, at the elbows/knees, shoulders/neck, wrists/ankles.
(3) There is no number 3.

I'm not much of a toy collector, I have some Xevoz figures which are very pose-able, but not 'realistic" enough if you know what I mean. I understand good action figures aren't cheap, all the same I'd like to set an upper limit of, say, 75$ a figure. Ideally I'd need two figures, but could get away with one (the story has yet to be written)

Suggestions/advice/etc is greatly welcomed.


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Well, there are a good number of very posable figures of Alien and Predator.
NECA is making some great Aliens, love them, and Revoltech has made a few and they are very very posable.
I hear Figma is even making an Alien and a Predator, and those are crazy posable. They won't be out for a while though.
S.H. Monsterarts is making a pair of Alien and Predator, also out later.
Go to Big NBad Toy Store and run a search for Alien. You'll see these options pop up.
Things is, then your movie is about Alien and Predator. Don't know if you want that.
There are other 'adult' fiugures out there, but not necessarily very posable. Like McFarlane's Tortured Souls or Infernal Parade. Look at those. Those are rad, but they don't pose very well.