Has the new wave of G.I. Joe figures hit stores, yet?

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I saw a few online retailers get them but haven't noticed any new stockings in TRU, Walmart, or Target.

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I could be wrong but I don't think Target, Walmart, or Kmart are carrying Joes. After my stores reset, I see no spot for them and I haven't read any positive news.
I'm not sure if they've been found yet at TRU. Last night I ordered a couple of my most wanted from BBTS and I'm hoping to eventually find the others at TRU.

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There have been a few sittings at Toys R US but that seems about it so far. Both Target and K-mart don't seem to be carrying Joe going forward, while Walmart seems hit or miss (with me there are eight Walmarts near me and only four seems to be carrying them going forward). I wouldn't be surprised for the next couple waves to hit other places beside the big chain stores (meaning I think they'll hit TJMaxx, Ross, Marshals and drug or grocery stores). Right now your best bet is trying online, but be prepared to pay up to $15 a figure at most places.

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My friend in Nashville found Budo and Cobra Commander in a TRU. He also got the bbts preorder of the wave in the mail today.



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They've been at my TRU since Tuesday. I picked up 4 for myself (Duke, Flint, Cobra, CrimsonG)and 2 others(CC, Kwinn) for a friend. The remainder of the case is still there. Was surprised to see them still there untouched since Tuesday.
As much as I like the Duke, I'm disappointed that he can't really hold a weapon with two hands due to short arms and bulky vest. The Flint however is really cool - especially if you have the beret from the previous version.

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Cool! I'll keep checking my, TRU. Thank you for the help.