Gaming Heads Presents: Portal 2 Sunburst Turret

August 7th 2013: Portal fans and collectors alike are in for a fantastic treat today as we at Gaming Heads have just revealed a fantastic, new instalment in our popular line of Portal 2 Turret statues. Valve's Portal series has sold millions of copies worldwide to dedicated fans, and as fans of the series ourselves we're incredibly happy to be able to provide unique, high-end statues in unmatched quality.

This, the second statue in our Portal 2 Turret series, is none other than the striking "Sunburst Turret" from Aperture Laboratories. It has been crafted to the finest detail using actual assets from the 2011 game, and measures a sizeable 16" tall from the base to the tip of the antenna. Fitted inside the eye of the statue is a motion sensor to control a light, and even a speaker so that Turret will speak aloud key, iconic phrases from the game whenever movement is detected. It truly is a special and very exciting piece of merchandise that will form the cornerstone of any collection with its innovative features.

The Portal 2 Sunburst Turret will be available worldwide from Q4 2013. The statue will be limited to just 350 units worldwide, and can be ordered exclusively from the Gaming Heads website. It won't be made available anywhere else. The standard White Turret is also available via our website.

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