Japanese Exclusive Living Dead Dolls Sadako

Photo credit: Rich Ford

Mezco SDCC Reveal #3: Japanese Exclusive Living Dead Dolls Sadako

July 17, 2013 - San Diego CA - As the world's most famous Comic-Con gets underway in San Diego, Mezco Toyz is revealing one of the most terrifying Living Dead Dolls ever: Sadako.

Sadako is an exclusive Living Dead Doll for Mamegyorai in Japan. Based on the main character from the immensely popular Japanese film Sadako 3D, this Living Dead Doll features a screen accurate hairstyle, creepily showcasing her ever watchful eye.

Sadoko's fingernails are also bloody and caked with mud from her climb out of the well.

Sadako stands 10 inches tall and comes complete with real cloth clothing.

Be sure to visit Mezco at San Diego Comic Con at booth 3445.

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