So how about those BotCon reveals?

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Lots of good stuff coming this year. The showstopper has got to be Voyager Rhinox, that figure looks like it would qualify as a Masterpiece, it's pretty amazing looking. Deluxe Waspinator isn't very far behind him. Sounds like Hasbro is working on a new Megatron, too. Wonder if that means they won't be using that FOC Grimlock with the Megatron head we saw prototyped before.

It's also nice to see the Legends two-packs are playing with G1 scale. Three of the four new ones are Minibots Cosmos, Swerve, and Tailgate, and all three come with remakes of Micromasters. The fourth one is Shrapnel, which is too bad because I'd love to see the G1 Insecticons redone in Deluxe scale but he comes with a mini Reflector so that's nice. Maybe they'll make the rest of the Insecticons later.

Deluxe Armada Starscream is also being made so I guess we all get to hunt for Seekers again, just hope future repaints get Skywarp's head right.

Biggest disappointment has got to be Doubledealer, a straight repaint of Blitzwing with a new head. He was a favorite G1 figure of mine so it's sad to see him not getting his own figure mold. He was a Decepticon double spy with an Autobot bot mode, a Decepticon Vulture mode, and an ICBM launcher for a vehicle mode. Giving him a bot mode with two vehicle modes really doesn't work for him. The least they could have done is give him some heavy retooling like Sandstorm got, I'm sure they could have at least reworked the tank mode into an ICBM launcher and maybe done something clever with the jet mode, I'm convinced they could have reworked it into a robot bird if they tried. Plus, no Powermaster partners. One last annoyance is how the jet nose has a shark face when a bird face would have been the perfect homage and made all the sense in the world. Blitzwing would have been better repainted into Overlord, just reimagined as a triplechanger. Maybe Botcon next year.

Oh well, can't let one figure ruin the batch.

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