Gaming Heads Presents: Jak and Daxter

June 21st 2013: It is with great pleasure today that we at Gaming Heads are able to announce an all new venture with Sony Computer Entertainment to bring the fantastic PlayStation All Stars characters to life in a range of high-quality, limited edition statues. We've worked with Sony in the past to create a Kratos figurine for "God of War Ascension: Collectors Edition", so we are thrilled to be able to extend this into a full collection of statues that fans and collectors will enjoy.

The first in our PlayStation All Stars collection will one of the most popular duos in video games today; Jak and Daxter. The pair first burst onto the gaming scene in 2001 with their debut hit "Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy," a game which has since become a legacy of its own. As such, we've crafted Jak and Daxter in their signature pose from the game down to the finest details. With Daxter perched on Jak's shoulder, the statue stands at an impressive 15 inches tall. Also avaiable is an exclusive edition of the statue complete with a stunning bronze finish to stand out in any collection.

Jak and Daxter will be available worldwide from Q4 2013. The regular edition, limited to 750 units, can be ordered here and the exclusive edition, limited to just 350 unit, can be ordered here. Upcoming statues in the Playstation All Stars range will be revealed in the future.

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