Custom Galactus Buster Iron Man!

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The Galactus Buster Iron Man armor is teased at the ending for the Marvel vs Capcom 3 video game when you beat it using Iron Man and you see Tony Stark building the Galactus Buster suit to combat against cosmic threats. Here I expanded upon the idea and created a custom Galactus Buster Marvel Legends figure using the center body from a DC Direct Stel, Mark 42 head and lower arms/lower body from a DC Universe Lex Luthor in armor figure with extended legs. His helmet and extra armored sections come from various Halo and Mega Blocks Iron Man parts. Generally Iron Man's armor is red and gold but in the teaser shot it has Galactus' colors in it, assuming that he used actual material from the defeated Devourer of Worlds to create the most powerful Iron Man armor in the galaxy!

More pics here---> Galactus Buster Iron Man