Toys'R'Us Adds Interactive Digital Tablet Displays

Toys R Us and Touchrate Elevate the Shopper Experience In-Store through Interactive Digital Tablet Displays

ORLANDO, Fla., May 14, 2013 -- Touchrate, in collaboration with Toys R Us, Inc., has just released interactive sales-assist solutions in select Toys R Us stores. Touchrate tablet and touchscreen devices extend the marketing message in-store, helping shoppers to learn and better select products and brands in the aisle.

Touchrate provides the hardware, dynamic graphics, software, content, installation and maintenance monitoring while Toys R Us suppliers populate the solutions with data and content.

Apple and Touchrate were among the first to introduce this self-help concept to retail with Touchrate's introduction in 2009 and Apple in their retail stores in 2010.

Touchrate touchscreen solutions empower consumers in-store using self-help touchscreen technology with a decision tree of product knowledge, algorithms of peer-like purchases and social sharing. Shoppers make an emotional investment, when they thoughtfully engage, select and decide by touching a self-help sales-assist touchscreen, in exchange for product guidance in-store.

The continued creation of these solutions is happening through collaborative partnerships with major retailers and suppliers to elevate the shopping experience. Today's affordable tablet and larger touchscreen, as a silent sales-assist in stores, record every touch as a win-win for the shopper, retailer, brand marketer and supplier.

Touchrate is changing the way people shop. Quickly, shoppers learn about brand product lines in the aisle, then touch their way to a specific product recommendation, ultimately making an 'educated purchase', as they're convinced they are buying the right product.

"The reality is, everybody profits -- The Consumer gets the right product, the Marketer and their Ad Agency find insights from those consumers and the Retailer benefits from providing an improved shopping experience, thus accelerating increased sales lift for all", says company spokesperson, Brennan Dailey. Go to for more information.