New 3 3/4 Man of Steel figures found at Books A Million, figure question

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With all of the hype with Iron man, it was good to see that the Superman figures finally were released at the book store, Target and Walmart, have yet to put them on the shelves.

I know that the figures are in 3 3/4 scale, so the likeness of the actors might just miss the boat, and well they did. However I must say, the (I assume this is what it is suppose to be since I have not seen the movie) General Zod with the black Kryptonian armor looked really cool. So I might pick one up for my DC Universe figures. The blue armored superman looked pretty cool too, he might look cool next to my Kenner Eradicator figure.

So here is my question, any chance that a Foara, I think that is her name, will be made into a 3 3/4 scale? I only can assume there might be one since Target had an exclusive 4 or 5 pack that featured a Catwoman figure. I am hoping that some over figures might be released like they did with Green Lantern figures. Meaning the other Green Lantern guys who might have made a cameo in the movie,but were not really featured in the movie


I can hope, right?