CustomCon 34 Day Two


Great Con

I took part in one of the early shows, and enjoy checking in now and again. Good to see they are still going. Recognize Casimirs name and talent but really enjoyed all the entries despite any interest in most of the sources, scales or styles. Great work everyone.

Yep, just two days this time

I think it's a combination of having three shows a year now instead of two, and also the evolution of the internet with it being easier for people to host their own pictures.

--- Bobbi

I totally agree Sasha!

I totally agree Sasha! And you didn't do too bad yourself! Wink

So, is this CustomCon only two days? That's fine if it is, I was surprised to see it was a two day event.

CustomCon 34 - Day Two

Love the Doctor Who minimates. It's amazing how those blocky little things have such a good likeness!

The Marvel Legends customs all looked great. Especially the ones made by CRob - the photos looked like they were stills from a cool movie. Fabulous!

The New Gods were fun. I presume they were a collaboration. Amazing how they were made by lots of different folks but made a cohesive set.

Sasha (MsBig)

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