Any word on Marvel Agents of S.M.A.S.H. figures?

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If I remembered correctly that the Marvel Universe will be producing the character A Bomb which will fall into the 3 3/4 line. I assume he might be a whisker taller than that size seeing the Hulk like figures (red and green) are a bit on the taller scale.
I know there will be another Avengers line (animated) which hopefully will produce some more other B and C characters. I hope the Agents of Smash line will produce a Red She Hulk, General Ross figure (well he is now a HULK). and perhaps U Foes (Toy Biz did make an Iron clad figure, but did not produce any other U Foes). I know the Marvel Legends did produce a Red She Hulk, but was hoping for a repainted She Hulk for Marvel Universe line. Maybe a convention piece?

I would ask for a Rick Jones and Betty Ross/Banner figure, but I think realistically it wont happen. But we might get another Dr. Banner figure...there has been like 3 made thanks to the comic book series figure and movie figures. But at least we got a human form of Emil Blonsky and some really cool Hulk busters too.