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So how are Boston area Buzzers faring today?

The older of our two sons (now 18) was supposed to fly out of Logan airport later this evening to travel to Italy with our high school's Honors World History classes. Prospects aren't looking promising...

This whole week has been surreal. I hope no one here was directly affected by Monday's attack at the Boston Marathon. Godspeed.

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I didn't realize you were in the Boston area. Stay safe. I am in Western MA and I can't believe what is happening.


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Yah, southern NH here. A lot of law enforcement personnel from the area were down there yesterday. During the evening shootout in Watertown, there was footage of a bearcat vehicle responding to the situation, which was from Nashua, NH.

So incomprehensible, all of this, but I'm actually glad they managed to get the second one alive. Hopefully that will assist investigators in learning whether or not they acted alone or as part of a larger plot, if and where they have have more explosives stashed, etc.

The good news is, my son and his school group got into and through the airport largely without incident. Their departure was about 75-90 minutes delayed from original, but overnight they arrived in Paris and by now are likely well on their way to Italy.

I trust all is well in your part of MA!!