March 2013 Fast Food Toys Round-up


March 20, 2013 - For February, the boy ended up at Wendy's twice, with an annoying buzzer/bell as one of the prizes. It is part of an "I Spy" game, but we've yet to actually play the game. Just endless bell ringing. The other toy was a small set of Smart Links connecting pieces to build various shapes. He still has a set from last year around here somewhere, hopefully they'll turn up and then he can build something larger and less nebulous.

Let's see what's out there in restaurants this month!

A quick check of the web sites for the more popular fast food restaurants reveals the following:

- McDonald's has Hexbug and Barbie in the Pink Shoes toys in their Happy Meals, with The Croods shown as the next promotion. (Also, on the night of the 20th, their web site seemed to only want to work for me on an iPad, and not a regular computer. Your mileage may vary.)

- Taco Bell lists NBA trading cards (over 150 to collect, you get 5 in each pack) as their current item, with a Dive Olly Dive book for the kids under 3.

- The Chick-fil-A site lists Spot What! 3D books as the goodies in their Kid's Meals. The "kids under 3" item appears to be a board book.

- Sonic has five different monster truck vehicles in their Wacky Pack meals. The vehicles come with stickers and trading cards.

- Burger King has Cut the Rope: Time Travel toys in their Kids Meals, with Jurassic Park toys coming soon.

- Carl's Jr. and Hardee's have Rise of the Guardians toys, with Man of Steel toys coming in late April.

No changes from last month at these restaurants:

- Wendy's Kids Meals have "I Spy" toys listed. The "Kids Under 3" item is a board book. Cranium Brain Breaks toys are shown as coming soon.

- Subway Kids Meals have reusable lunch sacks. The sacks now feature Phineas and Ferb.

- The Arby's web site shows Shape & Solve puzzles, with Encyclopedia Britannica science/nature toys coming soon.