Petition to Matty for a LOSH sub or 2nd box set

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I really think we have a shot at a 2nd box set or sub if we are vocal and adamant with Matty on this. There's no logical reason it can't be done if we let them know there is a demand & we're serious about this. MOTU fans got a Castle Greyskull made from scratch. That was risky, but Mattel took the shot cause they had confidence in MOTU fans. With the LOSH they already have evidence of the viability of a LOSH 12 pack as seen in the 2x sell through. This and the fact that no new tooling really will be necessary. Mattel has the teen buck & can use it to make all the characters at no additional cost. Last, if they were able to go back & do a new run if DCUC wave 5 for DCUC fans (which was a store) how much more so with an in demand item like a LOSH? We just need to be persistent in letting them know that we are here & we're not going anywhere til we get our LOSH sub or multipack. So if your with me on this please go over to the Matty forum and sign the petition I started & vote for how you want your LOSH figures.

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I would, but Matty banned me form the forums long ago (wouldn't stop talking about the near $700 in bogus charges they tried to hit me with for someone else's orders).

I really can't see why they haven't made a second set; there are a lot of Legion members that can be made without much new tooling. I can't see how even Mattel's scattershot definition of "good" or "bad" seller can't see a near $200 set selling out from both shipments as a success.