JAKKS Pacific: 2013 Toy Fair Summary

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JAKKS Pacific 2013 Boys and Girls Product Highlights



The JAKKS Pacific Monsuno® toy line continues to grow in 2013 with the addition of all-new collectible transforming action figures. The toy line, which brings the excitement of the Monsuno® boys action adventure series to life, will offer all-new fun, easy-to-learn, action-packed game play that is tightly integrated with Season Two of the Animated Series, Monsuno®: Combat Chaos™ which will premiere on Nicktoons this Spring. Also brand new for 2013 will be a dynamic lineup of accessories, battle sets and much more, allowing kids to fully immerse themselves in the world of Monsuno!

The Monsuno Monsters are more powerful than ever! A fan favorite, the Monsuno® Core and Transforming Action Figure (SRP $7.99) which features larger figures can now be supercharged with all-new Strike Gear. Strike Gear, which comes in the Monsuno® Strike Gear Pack (SRP $9.99), attaches to most Monsuno figures and can be activated for awesome battle power. Get ready for more battle action! Kids can also launch their Monsuno Cores and monster figures into the all-new Monsuno® Battle Zone Combat Arena (SRP $9.99) featuring designs that integrate the new Combat Chaos™ game play. This 2 – 4 player combat set is sure to provide hours of fun!

The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs head back to the big screen this summer! Based on the highly anticipated live action film, The Smurfs 2, JAKKS Pacific will celebrate the film's release with a new lineup of collectible figures, plush, fashion dolls and playsets. Also launching this year, JAKKS will introduce The Smurfs Micro Village, a Smurftastic line of highly detailed 1" figures and playsets with connecting platforms that allow collectors to expand and bring the Smurfs Village to life. The Smurfs product line will be available at Toys "R" Us, Target, Walmart and Kmart.

Smurfs fans can collect their favorite Smurfs characters with highly detailed 2.75" The Smurfs 2 Movie Figures (Single Pack SRP $3.99, 2-Pack SRP $6.99). With over 24 different figures to collect this year, fans can recreate their favorite scenes from the movie. Take Grouchy, Clumsy and the rest of the gang to explore the Mushroom Houses for an all new adventure! Available in four unique styles, the 7.5" Movie Mushroom House Playsets (SRP $14.99) bring to life the houses of favorite Smurfs characters. Each playset comes complete with a 2.75" Movie Figure and 10 fun accessories!

Also available are highly detailed The Smurfs 7.5" Bean Bag Plush (SRP $7.99)! With 12 new characters, these cuddly collectibles will be hard to pass up! The Smurfs 11" Basic Plush Assortment (SRP $9.99) adds even more fun and excitement with 12 new characters. Collect your favorites like Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Grouchy!

The Smurfs Classic Figure 2-Pack (SRP $4.99) features favorite characters in a variety of poses and outfits straight out of scenes from the popular classic cartoon! This year alone there will be over 32 different articulated figures to collect. Take the Smurfs for a ride! The Smurfs Classic Vehicle Packs (SRP $9.99) are available in a variety of vehicles including a Snail, Duck, Plane and a brand new car made especially for Smurfette! Each set includes one Classic Smurf figure.

New for 2013, the Smurfs are going micro! The Smurfs Micro Village Figure Packs (SRP $4.99), available in single and 3 figure packs include adorable 1" highly-detailed micro Smurf figures. Kids and collectors alike can build their own micro Smurfs Village with the all new The Smurfs Micro Figure Starter Packs (SRP $9.99)! Each pack includes one house, one feature piece, one base piece and one 1" Micro Smurf Figure. Fans can collect and connect all of the pieces and mix and match sets to customize their very own Smurfs Village!

31" Collectible Action Figures

JAKKS Pacific brings iconic superheroes and villains to life with new 31" Collectible Action Figures! These figures include seven points of articulation and highly-detailed features. Available this spring, collectors can get their hands on an all new MegaForce Red Power Ranger™. For fall, the Force will be with Star Wars™ collectors with the release of a 31" Giant Darth Vader, as well as a Deluxe Edition which comes complete with a lightsaber that features lights and sounds. DC Comics® fans can also collect both the Man of Steel and a new variation of Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy (SRP $29.99).

Fly Wheels®

Looking for speed, power, performance and stunts? The Fly Wheels® line features replica wheels and propellers that look just like the wheels on real vehicles and planes – only on a smaller scale – and a rip cord and launcher that sends Fly Wheels soaring. Fly Wheels® has it all – speeds up to 200 scale miles per hour and the ability to soar up to 30 feet high!! Fly Wheels will be re-launching at retail this spring and will be available at Toys "R" Us, Target, Walmart and Kmart.

Get into the action with the Fly Wheels® Starter Pack that includes a rip cord, launcher and wheel, as well as the Fly Wheels® Deluxe Pack, which includes a rip cord, launcher and three wheels (Starter Pack SRP $4.99; Deluxe Pack SRP $9.99). Feel like racing? Fly Wheels fans can race two wheels at once and measure the wheels' power with the Twin Turbo Launcher (SRP $19.99). Maximize the amazing capabilities of Fly Wheels with the Stunt Ramp (SRP $9.99), and watch Fly Wheels soar to new heights!

Fly even higher with Fly Wheels® Flight! Just like the original Fly Wheels but for the skies; rip the cord and watch in amazement as Fly Wheels Flight soars up to three stories high. The Fly Wheels® Starter Pack comes with a launcher, rip cord and two flying props; the Fly Wheels® Deluxe Pack comes with a launcher, rip cord and five flying props (Starter Pack SRP $4.99; Deluxe Pack SRP $9.99). Finally, Fly Wheels goes high-tech with the Radio Control Fly Wheels® (SRP $29.99). Featuring two motors that control each wheel separately, the Radio Control Fly Wheels is built to withstand rugged terrain and can do amazing stunts!


In 2013, JAKKS Pacific brings magical slugs to life with the new Slugterra™ toy line based on the animated series, Slugterra™, a sci-fi, action-comedy adventure series airing on Disney XD. The new line includes 1.5" collectible slug figures and cool blasters with transforming slug darts that open on impact to look like a velocimporhped battle slug. These collectables and exciting role play accessories will allow boys to recreate their favorite scenes from the TV show. Appropriate for ages 4+, the JAKKS Slugterra line will be available at Toys "R" Us and Kmart.

Available this spring, the Slugterra™ Basic Figure Two Pack (SRP $4.99) comes with two, highly-detailed 1.5" collectible figures from the Slugterra series. With over 30 fun figures planned to be available in 2013, fans can collect all of their favorite Slugterra critters such as Burpy, Joules, Spinner, Doc and Banger!

Boys can further immerse themselves in the magical world and sling their own slugs at the evil villains with the Slugterra™ Blasters! Available in three different styles, Entry-Level Blaster, Mid-Level Blaster and Deluxe Blaster (SRP $9.99 - $29.99), boys can become slug-slingers just like Eli Shane and his "Shane Gang" from the animated TV series. Each style comes with a blaster, target and transforming darts.

The Slugterra™ Evo Dart Packs (SRP $6.99) each include three transforming Slugterra designed darts that spring open upon impact to reveal a transformed velocimorph slug, as well as game play information. Fans can play the basic gameplay by following Slug Type, Move Type and Power Level information available on each dart. All Evo Darts are compatible with the Slugterra Blasters.


Winx Club™

JAKKS Pacific introduces the 11.5" Winx Club™ Harmonix Deluxe Fashion Dolls (SRP $19.99)! The power of Harmonix allows the Winx Club™ to battle the evil Trix and Tritannus underwater. Girls will love to play out this new power with these glittering Winx Club™ Harmonix fairy dolls. Featuring 11 points of articulation, girls can create just about any fashionable pose they want! The dolls come with a pair of sparkly Harmonix wings that plug into the Winx "X" on the dolls back allowing for a magical transformation from girl to fairy. These dolls also come with a magical membership card that unlocks exclusive content on http://www.nick.com/winx. Girls can collect all four Winx Club™ Harmonix fairies: Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha. The Winx Club™ Harmonix Fashion Doll line is available now at Toys "R" Us, Target, Walmart and Kmart.

This fall, the Winx Club™ will harness their newest power, Sirenix, with an all new fashion doll line from JAKKS Pacific! Reflecting the fashion, friendship and magic of the animated series airing on Nickelodeon, the 11.5" Winx Club™ Sirenix Deluxe Fashion Dolls (SRP $19.99) will feature the Winx Club™ in fabulously sparkly wings, water-inspired fashions, and color change hair that changes color when you brush it. Girls can further immerse themselves in the underwater world with the Sparkling Lights Sirenix Bloom Doll (SRP $24.99). With a translucent body and legs, Bloom sparkles and glows like never before, bringing the magic of Winx Club™ to life. And, get ready to rock with the 11.5" Pop Disco Dolls (SRP $12.99). Bloom and the other Winx Club™ fairies are dressed in bright, trendy fashions, perfect for a night out on the town!

Cabbage Patch Kids®

Cabbage Patch Kids® celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2013! To mark the occasion for the iconic toy brand, JAKKS Pacific will introduce Cabbage Patch Kids® Celebration ‘Kids (SRP $34.99). Dressed in fun, playful, party themed fashions with brightly colored hair streaks, the ‘Kids™ are ready to party! Always fashion forward, each girl also comes with a sweet cupcake comb and each boy comes with a pair of trendy glasses.

This fall, Cabbage Patch Kids® Babies (SRP $24.99) offer the ultimate in nurturing play. Just like real parents, children can feed and dress their babies. Cabbage Patch Kids® Babies come with either a magic disappearing-milk bottle or food bowl with spoon, removable bib and fashion. Of course, each baby has a unique name, Adoption Papers® and Birth Certificate®. The original baby-powder scent of Cabbage Patch Kids® can bring memorable smiles for generations. All Cabbage Patch Kids® Babies come in several hair colors and ethnicities, just like real babies!

The Cabbage Patch Kids® Cuties (SRP $9.99) are even cuddlier this fall! The adorable Cuties come in a variety of precious animal themes including bear, bunny and kitty with a new thumb-sucking feature. http://www.cabbagepatchkids.com

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