dc imaginext figures

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i've been picking up a ton of imaginext stuff for my nephews and while hunting on ebay, saw that there are wonder woman and harley quinn figures out. has anyone seen these at retail?

and was there any new imaginext stuff shown at toyfair?

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The imaginext pictures from toyfair that I saw were a joker/harley two pack and a wonder woman/supes two pack, and an aquaman with submarine. Plus more Heroworld figures. I didn't think those were out at retailers yet, though, I certainly haven't seen them.

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I picked up Aquaman and a shark of all places Books A Million, its wierd how book stores sell toys, but who cares, my son is completely happy


might be a good suggestion place for people to pick up action figures too at the book stores. I found SLUG Zombies blind packs from series 1 there too