Sorry to jump on Swift, but Hasbro please...

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Give us Marvel Legends that are worthy of the Title "Legends". The Hit Monkey Wave is a complete joke to me, a Classic Marvel Fan. The entire wave except for Hyperion is just lame...Red She Hulk and Protector? Add in there another Cap and a re-packed X Force Wolverine and AA and then try and justify $120 purcahse. No kid is looking as these and think they are cooler than Legos.

Give us a normal distribution of Marvel Universe Figures and stop punishing us with repacked garbage. Do they not want our business? After seeing the in hand pictures of the newly released Team Packs, I canceled my pre-order and will take my chances at finding the Inhumans in the wild. The Rogue is straight up ugly.

Make Star Wars cool again. Angry Birds and Prequel Assortments stink like loaded diapers and I should not have to pay $25 for figures like Starkiller because you can't manage your assortments. We do not need any more Battle Driods or Clone Troopers for the next 3 years...give it a break already.

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totally disagree on ml. i'm excited for the monkey man wave.

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At first I wasn't happy with the new ML wave. Only because of my top 20 figures, none of them were in the assortment. But now they are growing on me. Although I am really tired of Wolverine(they just can't get his size right), Iron Man and Captain America figures, so I won't be ordering a full set and I was able to pick up the SDCC exclusive so that narrows it even more.

It would have been better if at least one of my top 20 made it, but that can't happen in every assortment. It's just slow going to get my faves. I would be happy if at least my top five made it into the line before it ends:

POLARIS (in caps because she should have already been made), Modern Luke Cage, Brother Voodoo, Strong Man, and Wolfsbane.

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Why isn't it easier to upscale some of these MU to ML? Who amongst us wouldn't kill for some ML Inhumans?

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Yes, I'd like a ML Inhumans BOXSET. I will be reluctant to buy one or two figures unless I am assured I can get the entire basic TEAM.

...I feel the same about the classic X-men & classic FF.