Angry Birds Air Swimmers

Bluewater Trading Company, Official Licensed Supplier of Angry Birds™ and Air Swimmers™, Announces the Release of Angry Birds Air Swimmers, the Hottest Holiday Toy for 2012

ALPHARETTA, Ga., Nov. 19, 2012 -- In 2009, after Angry Birds made their debut in the game industry, Air Swimmers took to the sky in 2011. Creating a powerful combination, the new live Angry Birds Air Swimmers is now flying its way into the homes of many across the world. Angry Birds Air Swimmers is a product set to be a best seller of 2012 and 2013.

Known for creating the global sensation of the Angry Birds franchise, Rovio Entertainment is a media-focused company founded in 2003. Rovio has now developed several award-winning titles for various mobile platforms. In 2009, Rovio released their casual puzzle game, Angry Birds, designed for touchscreen smartphones, a worldwide success since 2010. With Rovio's outstanding success and fan popularity, the franchise has now expanded into a variety of new ventures including broadcast media, merchandising, publishing and services.

Since 1992, the William Mark Corporation (WMC) has been creating exceptional flying products™. Mark Forti's first invention was the X-zylo™, which he created for a marketing class project. Mark alongside his father, William, built their company together from the ground up. After years of creating several successful products, Mark partnered with Blake English. Blake, who is a Stanford engineer, became an essential partner in designing and developing of the popular Flitter Fairies™, WMC's most electronically sophisticated project to that point.

After the successful launch of Flitter Fairies™, Mark and Blake began to focus on another amazing product centering around the fascination of seeing sharks "fly" through the water. Blake became inspired with the design of a flying shark that could be remote controlled, spawning the idea of Air Swimmers™. The promotional video went viral on YouTube with over 9 million views. Air Swimmers™ then rocketed to the top of holiday wish lists for kids and adults throughout the world.

After the release of Air Swimmers™, the WMC team continued to expand its brand and add a twist to this popular product. Air Swimmer was redesigned making it easier to use, faster, and more lightweight, thereby creating the Angry Birds Air Swimmers™ turbo versions. These consist of auto swim features allowing it to flap its own tail without requiring a user to do it manually. The guidance system was also upgraded with a rechargeable battery, a remote control and a docking port. Angry Birds Air Swimmers consist of the Red Bird, Bad Piggy Balloons, Red Space Bird, Blue Bird, and the Black Bird.

Bluewater Trading Company is the only official licensed supplier of Angry Birds™ Air Swimmers™ in the U.S. and Canada and is a major contributor behind the release of the new Angry Birds™ Air Swimmers™ version. They hold the coveted license from both Rovio Entertainment, licensee of Angry Birds™, and the William Mark Corporation, licensee of Air Swimmers™. Bluewater Trading is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is known for working with big box retailers, as well as smaller independent merchants. Bluewater also markets Razor™ scooters, Webkinz™ plush toys, the original Air Swimmers™, and Ultimate Poker Sets.