Collector-ActionFigures Community Update

CollectorDASH for Action Figures

September 19, 2012 - (Sponsor Announcement) - A note from CollectorDASH for Action Figures:

The Collector-ActionFigures Community is Moving Forward

Much like Raving Toy Maniac itself, there are a lot of great online communities for action figure collectors, but none are as unique as the group of fervent toy lovers making up Collector-ActionFigures. Our members are dedicated to creating and maintaining the world's most expansive catalog of action figures. Whether you're a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter, or have gone stark raving mad over Iron Man (multiple puns intended), DASH's community has something to offer you.

DASH and its community may be unmatched around the web, but things are about to get even better. My name is Corey Tincher, and I've been brought on to make DASH's community all the more fantastic, amazing, and incredible than it is now. Simply put, it's my job to keep DASH the absolute best place for collectors to gather, share, buy, and sell their figures with one another.

And I'm honored to join the vibrant community that makes Collector-ActionFigures so great. DASH members maintain the catalog regularly, contribute to an ever-growing number of various action figures for sale, and they help to expand the humongous action figure value guide available to our Collector's Club members.

The DASH community truly makes collecting better, and you're more than welcome to join CollectorDASH for action figures today.

CollectorDASH for Action Figures