Skylanders Mail-in Offer

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In the Halloween section at Target, look in the non-candy food section for a 20-pack of chips and Cheetos. They have a mail-in offer for a Skylanders Sidekick figure on them. You need the UPC from the outer bag and $2 for shipping.

I googled the offer, and apparently it's been around for a few months already:

Maybe I need to eat more junk food so I'd know about this stuff earlier? Tongue

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My son LOVES Skylanders figures. More like OBSESSED with them. For those who dont know about the offer, you might not get your first chose the side kick that you want. There are 4 different kind of sidekicks. They, like the other Skylanders, do work with the Portal of Power, so your sidekick does show up in the game, however the sidekicks serve no purpose, but follow you in the game.
Needless to say, they do look cool. And they are different characters. But a really cool offer to get in the mail, the waiting time is 6 to 8 weeks.


Yep, still waiting for the Skylanders sidekicks to arrive..