Mattel mixing up exclusives again?

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Over the weekend, I found the Walmart exclusive second wave of the Cars "Take Flight" series (based on the Cars Toon shorts). Thing is, I found them at Target. Right out on the pegs, they rang up fine, and each had a big "Only at Walmart" sticker right on the bubble.

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Yes same with hot wheels, I've seen Walmart exclusives at target as well,

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Add K-Mart to the list of getting Walmart Only tagged Cars (Mater Takes Flight).
Saw these at both the White Lake and Elizabeth Lake K's.


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At Ollies this weekend I saw Young Justice Cloning Chamber Superboy, JLU Green Lantern 3-pack & Movie Masters Green Man - all SDCC exclusives for Mattel, now at a discount chain. I've read other reports of finding Movie Masters Kilowog too.

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walmart originally was going to carry this line as an a exclusive. but walmart asked mattel for the single pixar cars instead. which they will be getting in shortly. take flight stuff just wasn't selling as well a the single cars. the cases were already to go on the dock. mattel would have had to open all cases and remove the sticker. so for those cars collectors, has all the info regarding the walmart only cars and what exactly happened.