NECA's Hunger Games Series Two - No Main Characters

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Anyone else prefer the Series Two Capitol outfits of Peeta and Katniss to the heavy-jacketed Series One looks? Saw on eBay that these were out so I stopped by TRU yesterday hoping to find the two main characters in great supply and maybe one or two of the new exclusive figures, Cato and Rue.

Didn't happen.

What I did find was CASES of Cato and Rue figures and restocks of all three Series One figures. Not a single new outfit version of Katniss or Peeta. I thought this was odd, as the back of the package showed all four new figures, and they were on eBay. The Cato and Rue have TRU Exclusive stickers on them, but since when do companies ship complete cases of two new characters? I mean, YAY FOR THAT, but wah.

I thought maybe my TRU just got double-shipped accidentally, but I happened to be near a different TRU today and found the exact same pack-out situation, so I'm wondering is this a TRU-wide thing and if maybe they refused the new versions of the main characters? And if that's the case, anyone know of any real stores that carry these aside from FYE?

BTW, Rue and Cato both look really good. I saw some really nice Cato paint jobs, but Rue came out very harsh and angular with heavy washes on her face. Will never understand why NECA insists on painting nostrils black when natural shadow does the job better and for free.