200+ Miniatures for $100 Kickstarter ends in 29 hours

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Dunno if you guys have already heard about this:


but this is a ridiculous deal. Reaper Minis, has a line of miniatures made out of plastic, (some ported over from their metal lines) and right now they're running a kickstarter.

At the Vampire Level, ($100) they've been adding bonuses as stretch goals. and it's gotten so ridiculous that it's over 200 minis at the $100 level. Normally each mini like that would be around $2.50-$4 depending on size. Plus this is the minimum level that you can pledge to get the cheap AddOns like the Dragons/Demons etc.

Even the accessories like the paints and cases are extremely cheap too. (to get the Paints/Cases you only need to pledge $1 + cost of paints/etc) and are close to 50% off what this stuff would normally cost.

If you've ever been interested in Miniatures or just want something to paint, this is a ridiculous deal. I actually use a lot of miniature painting tips/lessons to help custom paint a lot of my 6" + toys.