After reading a few Avenger VS X-men series, any chances of a 5 pack released or singles for the Marvel Universe

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I dont think I have ever been sooo wanting the Phoenix 5 as a gift set and include a Hope Summers figure too to be made for Marvel Universe (3 3/4 figures). I know I am asking for the impossible, but yeah, I can see these figures being made.
Now comes the hard part, selling them at retail. I know that the Guardians of the Galaxy figures are still sitting on toy shelves because not many people know who they are, well if they released them for the upcoming movie, there might be a chance of them selling out. Bad enough when the Fantastic 4 set with the Future Foundation sets were on the shelves, I overheard an older guy saying, I remember the Fantastic 4, but I dont remember seeing them in white outfits. I so wanted to say something but I didnt have the heart to tell the guy about the white suits the F 4 were wearing these days


But I can hope for the Phoenix 5 to be made..that would be such a cool set