Matty Club Infinite Earth (Lame or Love it ) Metron rant...

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Hey guys, so I know were all in speculation about Matty Subs right now, But I cant help but wonder about whats truth and a lie....its seems matty is full of it and I have speculated on this before....but what really is bothering me is the fact that most collectors are constantly bad mouthing the line.... also I hear that no one really cares about the club exclusive figure Metron... My big question, is he that popular that people really voted him to be they exclusive or is this just something we were told... or is it the guys working there the true fans just making what they want to collect.... I cant help but wonder because it seems that matty even admits they were not selling enough subs to make it worth there time, so thats why they re listed it for sale a second time. An so now here we are a year later and im wondering is any one really caring if they do another line ?? and if so who do we really want out of it....and how can we tell matty to listen to us ??? I really want to hear your thoughts and comment so please share !!!!!!!


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Metron is great. Not a single complaint from me. I wanted him for sure. Like most people I only care based on the characters they choose. I have no interest in modern ones. But I was easily able to get my money back on the one character shipped so far that I had no interest in.

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From what we know (an that's precious little) and can glean from comments and circumstances, the whole DC sub was thrown together in a panic as DC decided that Mattel was going to promote the DCNU whether they really wanted to or not at retail (which has worked out so well for all parties involved, hasn't it?) Mattel did a poor job promoting the sub, but I do give them some slack in retrospect as I truly believe they were put on the spot by DC and had to work with what little they had at the time. Given this...

I've no problem with Metron, and have little reason to believe that his inclusion was anything other than the genuine results of the poll; he was probably the most expensive of the choices to make with the chair (I can't see any re-use there), and he has been much requested over the years, far more than any of the other choices we were given. I think they did a really good job on him, and love the way he looks in the chair; the new hands and the way the chair is made allow you to put him in the proper pose straight out of the comics panel. I haven't had much chance to give Mattel credit in recent months (Mattel's own fault, sadly), but they did a great job here. The bad thing is that I had to get it from Big Bad, as I won't ever go near Matty with a loaded credit card ever again...

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Metron is the only IE sub figure I even want, but I wasn't going to get the sub just for him. And I missed the BBTS pre-order. So now I'm probably SOL for a long while until eBay prices dive.


- CP

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I didnt want to do the Sub as I was already having enough problems with the He-Man Sub but I somehow talked a buddy of mine into getting one and the ones he doesnt want (which so far has been all of them) he'll sell to me at cost so Im able to get his Metron for a decent price. So I lucked out there. Judging by how fast Flash sold out im sure a few of these (Poison Ivy, Platinum) are going to be a pain to get on sale day.


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