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Top Cop

"We have a 10-13. Officer needs assistance. Request back up."

realheropm.jpg 13.9 K Suddently you swing into action. One hand grips the steering wheel of your patrol car a little tighter, the other flips on the siren and lightbar. You race through crowded city streets. Your stomach tightens and your senses heighten as you head into certain danger. You're a police officer... a Top Cop, the best of America's finest. This is the world of today's real heroes...America's police officers.

Ertl Collectibles presents Real Heroes collectible action figure - Top Cop. this 1/6 scale replica of a modern police officer is authentic in every detail. The uniform is reproduced from actual uniforms in use today; his duty belt has an astounding array of gear from its radio with remote coiled lapel mike down to a removable miniature can of defense spray.

These collectibles were designed with the help of actual police officers - each figure is an exclusive, numbered edition with a certificate of authenticity.

Detailed windbreaker and hat feature realistic metal badges and shotgun has sliding pump action. Figure includes all his gear; windbreaker, body armor, side handle baton, radio with coiled lapel mike, sniper rifle, shotgun, 9mm pistol, duty belt, handcuffs, and more.

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