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Toy Island

You may be familiar with Toy Island from their Mortal Kombat, Pokemon, and Robocop products. But now they've landed a major motion picture license...

The Mummy

Look for action figures and a playset that tie in with the remake of Universal's 1932 classic The Mummy, starring Brendan Fraser. Fraser plays Rick O'Connell, a French Foreign Legion soldier working on an archaeological dig at the Pyramids who accidentally awakens the Mummy. If the movie does well, expect the toys to make a big splash. These will also be a real treat for horror fans, as some of them are pretty grotesque!

The Mummy 12" Figures

Each figure comes with accessories (like canopic jars) as well as lights and sounds.

The Mummy.

More mummies.

Rick O'Connell

The Mummy 5" figure assortment

Some of these are pretty nasty looking. Check out the first one in the upper left corner - he appears to be hacked open at the shoulder!

The Tomb playset

The playset features numerous accessories, spring actions, and sounds!

The Tomb box.

Playset photos.

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