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a special preview of things to come!

ReSaurus has given ITN a special look at the in progress sculpts of their upcoming Quake line based on the best-selling computer game from Id Software, as well as the control art the sculptors used.

ReSaurus has taken the ultra detailed style seen in their recent Duke Nukem line, and turned up the heat! The little touches seen, even at this early stage, are mind blowing to say the least. The scars, the bullet holes, the battle damaged armor, all capture the look and the sheer bio-mechanical creepiness of the world experienced by millions of computer gamers around the world.

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Here are the two main heroes of the line, the Male Marine (above) and the Female Marine (below). Each will come loaded to bear will all the heavy duty weaponry (seen below) and accessories needed to defeat the evils they'll face.

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If you've ever played Quake then you know it takes some pretty serious weaponry to face the horrific monstrosities encountered around every corner! ReSaurus made sure these figures are armed to the teeth with all the firepower they'll need!

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