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Quake Preview!

Earlier this week we brought you a brief update of some of ReSaurus' offerings for late 1998 and early 1999. ReSaurus was kind enough to supply us with a special first look at preliminary artwork from the recently announced Quake line.

This is your first opportunity to see a glimpse of what the team at ReSaurus has planned for this exciting line.

Shown here are the first four figures planned: Male Marine, Female Marine, Iron Maiden and Tank (all names subject to change). Based on these preliminary paintings ReSaurus seems to be well on their way to captured the gritty, grimy look of the intense video game! Also, just like their Duke Nukem efforts, these figures look to come packed with accessories!

Male Marine Card.jpg - 33.8 K Female Marine Card.jpg - 34.6 K
Male Marine Female Marine
Iron Maiden Card.jpg - 35.5 K Tank Card.jpg - 29.7 K
Iron Maiden Tank

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