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b5slogo.jpg 10.9 K

Please enjoy the following images of the fourth series of Babylon 5 action figures from Exclusive Toy Products. These figures will be available through Toys R Us and Previews and should retail for approximately $11.99 each.

b5ambassahelah.jpg 24.8 K b5ambassjuphartrkider.jpg 20.9 K
Ambassador She'Lah of the Gaim Intelligence Ambassador Juphar Trkider of the Drazi Freehold
b5ambassvlur_nhur.jpg 25.4 K b5cptelizabethlochley.jpg 20.4 K
Ambassador Vlur/Nhur of the pak'ma'ra Captain Elizabeth Lochley
b5psicopalfred.jpg 19.3 K
PSI Cop Bester

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