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hivewarslogo.jpg 7.5 K

Aliens: Hive Wars

The Aliens line is still alive and kicking...and its brought the Predator with it. Shown below is the Aliens: Hive Wars line due out later this year. Included are the following figures: Hive Warrior Alien (Fierce Alien Attacker), Acid Alien (Vicious Alien Warrior), Corporal Hicks (with Cyborg Dog and Blaster Gun), Integer 3 (with Spring-loaded Gun, Face Guard and Cyborg Bug) , Warrior Predator (with Battle Staff and Face Mask), and the Night Recon Predator (with Stalking Knife).

hwhivewarrior.jpg 26.1 K hwacidalien.jpg 26.2 K
Hive Warrior Alien Acid Alien
hwhicks.jpg 26.1 K hwinteger3.jpg 26.1 K
Corporal Hicks Integer 3
hicksclose.jpg - 19.5 K integer3close.jpg - 19.4 K
Hicks Closeup Integer 3 Closeup
hwwarriorpredator.jpg 25.8 K hwnightrecon.jpg 26.6 K
Warrior Predator Night Recon Predator

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