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Welcome to the ToyMania archive for "John Gersten's Action Figure Column." These archive pages were created to memorialize the action figure news and commentary pieces John wrote from early 1996 through 1997, during which period they were posted weekly to the newsgroup and, once it was created, to the newsgroup (thereafter superceded by the newsgroup -- as if it weren't confusing enough already....).

And as John once wrote, "since I believe that all journalists should make their biases as clear as possible (and we all have them), here are mine: I am pro-toy. I am anti-scalper. And I am obviously insane, for spending this much time thinking about, searching for, and writing about toys -- at the childlike age of 36. Go, er, figure...."

All the written material on these pages is Copyright (c) 1996 & 1997 by John Gersten. All rights reserved.

Action Figure Columns:

(Note: If this is your first visit, let me recommend "Stalking the Wild Cy-Gor" as a good starting point. From there, you're on your own....<grin>)

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Okay, I'm just a friend/relative/casual passer-by -- what the heck
IS an "Action Figure," anyway?
(If long explanations set you to yawning, there's also a shorter
glossary you can peruse.)

Comments? Drop me a line....

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