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ir_rb_9inbob2.jpg - 21244 Bytes ReBoot fans got a nice surpise when it was announced earlier this year that Mainframe Entertainment (the studio that animated the all CGI adventure series) would be producing two brand spankin' new 90 minute ReBoot movies. The first movie, titled Daemon Rising will pick up where Season 3 left off. The second movie is, at this writing, untitled.

Soon thereafter Irwin announced they would be producing all-new, highly detailed ReBoot action figures. Irwin's goal with this new line is to achieve McFarlane Toys-level of detail, coupled with poseability and playability.

Much of the ReBoot line is still in the preliminary design stages, but already it's shaping up to be a series that no ReBoot fan (new or old) will want to be without.

While the all-new figures would be in stores until April or May of 2001, Irwin will kick off their return to producing ReBoot merchandise with a special 9 figure boxed set featuring the entire first series of ReBoot action figures, for those who missed 'em the first time around! Irwin is hoping to have this boxed set on shelves by the end of the year.

The new 5-1/2" action figures will all be based on Season 3, and features Glitch Bob, Dot, Andraia, Megabyte and Matrix. Like their other lines, Irwin will be making figures available in both mass market and limited-edition specialty market packaging. The plan for the specialty market packaging is to simulate a computer "window" that showcases the figure. Irwin Toy wants to really do some special stuff for their specialty customers, and for the fans who want to have some unique items in their collections.

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Glitch Bob Dot Andraia
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Megabyte Matrix

ir_rb_binomes.jpg - 17055 Bytes Another cool product in the planning stages is the Bucket of Binomes. As anyone who's see the ReBoot series knows, the virtual world inhabited by our heroes has a vast population of binome residents and Irwin's going to make 'em into toys! Each binome character will feature interchangeable heads, torsos and legs allowing for virtually (uh, no pun intended) endless combinations. The characters shown to the left are just some of binomes being considered for this item!

The crown jewel of the new line will be the 9" Collectors Edition of Bob (the art for which is at the start of this section). Irwin wants to put unparalleled detail into this figure, and it should just be amazing.

Other items planned for the new ReBoot line include a series of Deluxe action figures that will feature an interactive talk-back technology that allows each figure to record your voice, synthesize it and play it back in the voice of the figure's character. Look for this series to feature Megabyte, Matrix, Combat Mouse, and Bob.

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Deluxe Action Figure Assortment

As previously mentioned, there's still much about the new line that hasn't been finalized at this point but will be firmed up by the time Irwin shows off the new line at Toy Fair 2001 in February. A Megabyte Cycle is planned, and there's been discussion of producing a Knull or two as a squishy toy.

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