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Sailor Moon figures prominently into Irwin Toys upcoming marketing plan. Whereas the Dragonball Z line is being marketed primarily to boys, Sailor Moon is being targeted to a younger, female audience although there is a considerable male fanbase as well.

Irwin's timing in relaunching their Sailor Moon product line couldn't be better. New episodes recently started airing on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block. 77 all-new episodes will air during the 2000 - 2001 season.

Irwin's new Sailor Moon toyline features improved detailing and articulation and like the Dragonball Z line their will be special limited-edition packaging produced exclusively for the specialty market.

Additionally, some products will only be available through specialty market channels.

The focus of the line, mainly, is on the 6" and 11.5" doll lines but there will be plenty of ancillary product on shelves as well.

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6" Figures Assortment 1

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6" Figures Assortment 2 (Spring 2001)

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11.5" Figures Assortment 1

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11.5" Figures Assortment 2 (Spring 2001)

ir_sailormoon_12inoutfits.jpg - 14045 Bytes Why should Barbie be the only one with an extensive wardrobe? Irwin takes Sailor Moon shopping with a variety of additional outfits (pictured left). In the mass market the outfits will be sold separately from the dolls themselves, but in the specialty market the dolls will be available wearing their new clothes.

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Sailor Moon Bean Bag Plush Assortment

ir_sailormoon_plush.jpg - 23806 Bytes
Sailor Moon Plush Assortment

ir_sailormoon_2in.jpg - 23014 Bytes

Sailor Moon 2" Figure Assortment

Beyond the 6" and 11.5" doll lines, Irwin has a ton of Sailor Moon product planned to satisfy the most dedicated otaku. Everything from 2" figurines, keychains, bean bags and plush to larger 17" dolls, plush of Luna and Artemis, and a variety of role-play items will be heading to toy and specialty stores this year and next.

Fans of Sailor Moon are in for a real treat!

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