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By Ray H.

(Many of the images on this page link to larger versions.)

Spiderman just got Kubricked


Medicom's showing their monthly dose of blocky kubrickicity. First up are the new assortments of Evangelion Kubricks. The 8th series of Eva Kubricks seems to be based on the magma diving episode with the Eighth angel and that zany thermal expansion, while the 9th series seems to be based on the encounter with the Twelfth Angel. Finally the 10th series has a cute little versions Keel, Gendo, Yui and the little SEELE screen. All these sets will be released in Japan this April and retail for 1980 yen.


Marvel fans, jealous of how DC fans are getting those new Kubricky pocket super heroes? Well fear not, because Medicom will now be handling the Marvel Universe, these aren't Kubrick impersonator figures, these are the real thing. Coming this April: Spiderman, Woverine, Silver Surfer, Cyclops, Colossus, Iron Man, and Storm. These seem like they'll be trading type figures like the Metal Gear Kubricks. They´┐Żll be 480 yen each [about 3.75$ US].


Finally, Medicom's also got new Child's Play Kubricks. Now you can create the Village People with Chucky in his many different wacky hats. All you need is a biker Chucky and you'd be set. These come out in May for 580 yen each [about 4.40$ US].

Berserk News


Art of War has some new pictures of their Casca and Griffith 2-pack as you can see here. A lot of people [including myself] were thinking that the Casca and Grif on Yamato/Toycom's promotional flyer were just the art of war statues of Casca and Grif standing in until the figures were done. Guess not, those seem to really be the actual figures. Art of War will be releasing limited edition bloody versions of the Casca and Grif 2-pack. These Bloody versions will be limited to 400 sets and cost 5229 yen [about 40$ US]. Toycom will be bringing the regular versions of Casca and Grif to the states.

The Wonderful World of Vinyl


Medicom will be doing some new "Vinyl Collection Dolls" for Disney Characters. These will be highly detailed non poseable figures, that includes Alice from Alice in Wonderland, the Armyman from Toy Story and Roger Rabbit from Who framed Roger Rabbit. Alice is 220mm tall while Roger and the Armyman are 200mm tall. All these retail for 2800 yen [about 21.50$ US] and will be out this May.

Master Action continues


Yujin will be releasing some new "Master Action" figures this month. First up is the new Mazinkaiser, from the new self-titled OAV series. This figure is fully poseable and has some accessories. Mazinkaiser will retail for 4980 yen [about 38$ US]. Yujin will also be releasing a "Version 1.2" of their Gao Gai Gar figure, this ones slightly modified from the first release has some tweaks done to it and new accessories. Gao Gai Gar Master Action Version 1.2 will retail for 2500 yen [about 19$].

Angelic Toys



Aoshima will be releasing some new figures based on the Clamp's Manga and Anime series Angelic Layer. The first figures slated for production are Hikaru with Suzuhara Misaki and Suzuka with Kobayashi Hatoko. Each of these are 2480 yen [about 19$ US] and come out this January. Another Thanks to HLJ for the advanced images, and they do have these in their pre-order section.

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