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By Ray H.

SOC it to me baby.



Word on the street is that the new SOUL OF CHOGOKIN GX-06 Getter Robo Set is hitting the streets in Japan right now. This sucker's been showing up on Yahoo Japan auctions, and various Japanese retail websites are listing the set as in stock. So crazy Gokin fiends fear not, these fellas are coming down the pipes. If you're a little in the dark about all this SOC stuff, read further for a brief re-introduction of sorts. The "Soul of Chogokin" Line is Bandai's entry into the high-end die-cast Japanese toy market. These figures are phenomenal quality, and are usually tricked out with gimmicks that mimic the Super Robots various powers. The newest volume in the SOC line is The Getter Robo set which consist of Getter Robo's 1, 2 and 3. This set is now available and cost 14800 yen [about 120$ US] in Japan.


In other related news there's some good news about future SOC releases... They seem to be getting cheaper in price. The GX-07 OAV Mazinger will retail for 4800 yen and GX-08 Aphrodite will retail for even cheaper at 3500 yen. These new SOCs are also coming out much faster than before as well, the new OAV Mazinger comes out in January, and Aphrodite a little afterwards. Another thanks to HLJ for some of the images, who have these available for order and pre-order.

New Kaiyodo Stuff...


Kaiyodo shed light on some of its newest releases and has released some new images of their beloved products. Click on the galleries below...

Evangelion Unit-01: Matsumura Version: This figure is based on a Garage Kit Kaiyodo did a few years back by Shinobu Matsumura, hence the name. It's based on a semi-Berserk Eva Unit-01, from the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series. It has less articulation than were used to and a few diecast parts, Diamond did a nice spread on it here as well. The figure also has an interchangeable Bandaged head, from the episode right after the fight with 14th Angel Zeruel. Does any one else think this looks allot like a S.I.C [super imaginative Chogokin] figure done by Bandai? The sculpting style, the base, the die-cast content, the limited articulation, and the interchangeable pieces... Is heck of allot like a S.I.C. figure.

Specineff D.N.A. Side: From the Video Game series Virtual On, comes Kaiyodo next addition to their expanding Virtual On action figure line. Fully articulated, and stands 15cm tall, Specineff retails for 3980 yen, and comes out in Japan late December.

Star Gao Gai Gar: Kaiyodo's already released two previous GGG's the first was GGG with dividing Driver, then GGG with Goldion Hammer, the latest is the new Star Gao Gai Gar, who has big thrusters on it's back as well as little bracelet thing's, that probably have some important sounding name. Star Gao Gai Gar is 15cm tall, fully articulated, 4980 yen, and comes out in December over in Japan.

200X Rei Repaint: From the Fist of the North Star 200X action figure series comes the newest Kaiyodo repaint. I wonder what color the sliced up midget he comes with is? You can never have enough of those...

Powered Suit: From Starship Troopers [the other one], Kaiyodo will be releasing an un-painted kit version of the figure for 2900 yen this December.

"Pacifist CRUSH!!!"


Mega House just released it's new "Dragon Heroine Selection" Trading figures. Dragon Magazine is a fantasy theme Manga magazine, that's probably most famous for the starting place of "The Slayers." There are six figures in all from the various Dragon Magazine series: Mirell, Ryoko, Matie, Furiu, plus Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent from Slayers. Each box is 500 yen and contains a randomly packed figure. Look on the bright side, if you get stuck with a bunch of spare Naga's you can construct the Naga Clone army from the Slayers movie. A special thanks to HLJ for the image and wink wink, they just happen to have these in stock.

JoJo's adventure continues to get a little wacky


The newest Static and Dynamic Action figure set for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is Diaboroall and his stand Martin Luther King Crimson. No, I'm not writing speedlines drunk again, that's the guys name, In JJBA allot of the characters have names with themes, like a whole lot of people and there stands have names similar to musicians like Dan Steely/The Lovers, Vanilla Ice/Cream, and Chaka Khan/Anubis for example. Anyway, Diaborall is 14.5cm tall, and Martin Luther King Crimson is 18.8cm tall, and fully articulated. Check out the spread on Kotobukiya's site for more detailed pictures. This set retails for 4800 yen and comes out in January.

Nyo Protection


Yujin's showing off some of there new stuff for this month. First up is a Yujin's second set of SR capsule figures based on various Namco video game girls. This set is out now, and each capsule is 200 yen. Next up is Yujin's new Digi Charat lock set. Ward off would be snoopers with frightening effigy that is Dejiko. These locks all come with a key, and are available now at 200 yen Japanese retail.

#$^&*$#^%# Exclusives!


You think Simpsons collectors got it bad with exclusives? Try Gundam exclusives... yowch! Bandai's released many elusive conventional specials, which are a kick in the groin to US collectors, cause there so hard to get. It's hard enough trying to get a popular American exclusive that's only available one day or so, try getting one in another country! Over in Hong Kong there going to have a big Gundam Expo in mid December, and the Exclusive for the show will be the Kado Senshi RX-78-1 "prototype" Gundam. The Kado Senshi Gundam line are the 1/144th scale Mobile Suit action figures, that have gobs of articulation, even more than MSIA and some light die-cast content. Some previous Kado Senshi exclusives were the RX-78-3 [the gray one] and the Casval Gundam [the redish one]. Bandai Asia has some more details on the general events on their website.

New Gashapon


Bandai's pushing the new gashapon for this month, sets include a new Gundam Girls assortment, a second Inu Yasha series and the latest set of Kamen Rider Gashapon based on shocker Kamen Rider baddies. These are out now and are 200 yen each.

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