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By Ray H.

Taking Action

SRIA.jpg - 15919 Bytes Mobile Suits aren�t the only things in action these days. Bandai has been releasing a whole slew of other figures "in action" like Aura Battler Dubine, Classic Super Robots, and Xabungle. These figures are in the general size range of the Gundam line, but different series. All of these come with the standards of the various in action lines, like interchangeable hands, and lots of weapons. Some of the more recent releases include the much needed addition of Mazinger and Getter Robo to the Super Robot In Action line. These highly articulated figures are a great buy, and retail for about the same price as most Mobile Suits in Action [$15-ish in Japan]. Many Stores already have the various other in action figures in stock, like HobbyLink Japan, and Just Be Toys.

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Perfection Takes Wing

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The perfect holiday gift for the Gundam fan is being released this week, the PERFECT GRADE: WING ZERO CUSTOM. This is the ultimate high-end gift, with pants wetting detail, and a bajillion points of articulation, this will make a perfect stocking stuffer for any mecha-phile. Individually jointed fingers, working mechanical light system, metal joint parts, and a separate box just for the "feathers". These should be trickling into the U.S. very soon, HLJ has it available now (click here), and if you order fast you can get it before Christmas. Perfection will cost you about $140 plus shipping.

Sailor Sez

sailor.jpg - 11370 Bytes In Commemoration of Sailor Moons 10th Anniversary Banpresto is re-releasing many Sailor Moon products, like plushies, and even some of the dolls are being re-released. So keep an eye out for these items in the future.

Fly Me to the Moon

reiayanami.jpg - 20772 Bytes Everyone�s favorite blue-haired, albino schoolgirl Eva pilot, Rei Ayanami will be having some new plastic treatment thanks to Marmit. This new Full Action doll�s price and availability date haven�t been worked out yet, but it will be a 12" doll with a fabric costume and have some add-on�s.

Bruce Lee...Supermodel

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Medicom Toy will be doing figures based on a Museum Piece of 24 Bruce Lee�s by Hong Kong artist Eric So. These will basically be 24 different Bruce Lee�s in a bunch of different styling outfits. Each of these 12" figures will cost about $43 a piece in Japan. This is a picture of the first 6 to be released. All of these Lee�s will be available starting in February.


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Imai will be releasing some transformable Mospeada Ride Armor plastic kits. These will require glue and a little bit of paint, but are fully transformable. They�ll retail for about $23 apiece, the VR-052-F Mospeada 21, and the VR-041-H Blowsuperior. These are slated to be released very soon. These ride Armors will be 1/12 scale.

That's it for this week! Have a great Thanksgiving and come back next week for more hot news from the world of Japanese toys!

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