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By Darren Chia

'Tis the month before Christmas,
But to spread joy and cheer,
You'll first have a headache
choosing presents this year.

Oh, now what should you buy
for the Anime fan?
what'll make them real happy
and what'll go in the can?

Well, I can't say for sure,
But in this time of Yule,
Here are some choices
of what seems real cool.

If you're in a squeeze,
and can't spend quite a lot
just keep this in mind:
that Gundams are hot.

At a store near you now,
Endless Waltz and G-Wing
Looks like this 'bot is
the real "Next Big Thing".


For Gundam Otakus,
and all mecha fans,
here' s a small preview
of what's new in Japan


slgd1.jpg - 52825 Bytes

slgd2.jpg - 56302 Bytes So if you're in a fix,
The rule of the thumb
is to get anything
which is labelled "GUNDAM"



Be wary, tho, folks
some kits aren't for kids.

Now click over HERE
for more Gundam tidbits.


Sick of 7" statues that simply stand there?
then go place an order for Mighty Lupin!

lupin.jpg - 62266 Bytes
Banpresto's 7inch Full Action Figure: Lupin III

While some other figures just don't make the cut,
This set from Banpresto will surely kick butt!

Another new toy that
might make you go "Zounds!"
Is the Banpresto Ultraman
with push-button sounds.

ultram.jpg - 18710 Bytes

For any Transfan, It'll sure be a crime
Not to get as a present Great OPTIMUS PRIME

cm_photo03.jpg - 15963 Bytes cm_photo01.gif - 15489 Bytes

cm_photo05.jpg - 22237 Bytes
Takara: Transformers G1 rerelease: CONVOY

And for those who do have him,
Don't fret, do not fear,
ULTRA MAGNUS is coming
by the end of the year.

On to gashapon news,
and things that are cute,
There's a ton of kabibble,
and a bounty of loot!

For the Street Fighter fan this'll cause utmost glee

capcomxmas.jpg - 34309 Bytes
Capcom Girls Christmas 5 pc set; Banpresto;

A plethora of babes all led by Chun Li.

For the much younger fan
of video-games
comes Gold n' Silver
with a 100 new names.


And Tomy too,
has completed its run
There's now a fig each
of all 2 hundred-five-one.

ph4-01.gif - 17620 Bytes

ph4-03.gif - 7431 Bytes
Furuta Pokemon Gold & Silver Candy premiums
ph4-02.gif - 8461 Bytes

Oh, but there're still many more items
from which you can choose
and if I don't show them
Someone might blow a fuse.

What will Xmas be
without Skellington Jacks?

And I'm sure many're waiting
for FFIX

Bandai's new plush
will have fans on the run
for new senshi dolls,
Kero and Spinal Sun.

slmsc1.jpg - 37004 Bytes
top to bottom: Yujin's gumball NB4C;
FFIX keychains; Bandai's Sailor scouts (Sailormoon); Kereberos and Spinal Sun 2 pc set (Cardcaptor Sakura)

slmsc2.jpg - 37486 Bytes
Top to bottom: Yujin Zoids candy premiums; Banpresto Lupin III fun toy; Bandai New Digimon02 figures

Then there're new Digimonsters
And premium Zoids,
And that Lupin slap-shooter
has me lost for woids.

New Kaiyodo Evas
and more anime dolls,
garage kits and figures
I'd use to fill halls

Oh blast it, oh darn it,
there's still much more to list
I can't do it here
But I guess that's the gist.

Go surf some Import stores
there's really great stuff
 I fear that our bandwidth
just isn't enough.

I hope that this column
provided a lift
on what you can get
as a Krissy-mas gift.

But if you'd rather see
all these toys on YOUR shelf,
then "Humbug to Christmas"
and buy some for yourself!!

Well, til Ray comes back,
I'm done for the day.
If it's unsatisfactory
Hey, I don't get no pay. :-p


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