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By Ray H.

We are dipping into the Speedlines grab-bag once again this week with a look at a bunch of cool Japanese toys that you didn't know you needed until now! Enjoy!


dark.jpg - 6909 Bytes Kotobukiya�s ARTFX toy division has unveiled their latest action figure line: BASTARD! The new Bastard line, based on the Manga/Anime, will start out with Dark Schneider "Jugulator Version" as the first figure in the series. You can get a better look at the figure at Kotobukiya�s website by clicking here. This beautifully detailed, articulated figure will retail for about $27 in Japan. Dark Schneider stands about 7 inches tall. I have a feeling (but, nothing confirmed) that this figure will probably be offered in Previews soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Obligatory Gundam Coverage

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The Plamo Radicon 2000 hobby show recently took place in Japan and lots of new Gundam goodies were seen there. First off, they had some show exclusive 1/100 Master Grades on sale there: the Chrome Plated Char�s Rick Dom, and Chrome Plated RX-78NT-1 Gundam G-4 "Alex" with Transparent Armor. Many new items were also seen at the show, which can be seen on the Gundam Channel event page. The biggest thing going on there [literally] is the new PERFECT GRADE: Gundam Wing Zero Custom from the Endless Waltz OAVs. This is the new 1/60 scale perfect grade getting ready to be released in November. This kit will have a bajillion points of articulation like all the other perfect grade releases, and it will sell for $140 over in Japan. Bandai will also be releasing new 1/100 Master Grades of the EZ-8 ($28) and Gouf ($26). The 1/144 High Grade Universal Century line keeps on expanding with a new Dom Tropen, ($13) and Gelgoog ($11) Marine and a bunch of Quebely repaints. Also a fistful of new Super Deformed releases coming your way with some new MAGAUNAC�s from Gundam Wing.

A Cure For the "Real Folk Blues"

bebop.jpg - 17507 Bytes The new Cowboy Bebop figure set from Banpresto is now out. These Prize items are just now hitting specialty shops in the US and are already a hot item. These 4.5-inch figures feature Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed & Ein and Julia. Each figure comes in a window box and comes complete with display base. These are must haves for the growing legions of Bebop fans out there.

The Latest Kamen Rider Action Figures

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Kamen Rider's getting a lot of bad guys to fight in the Real Action Heroes 220 line. The latest editions are TV Fly, and Squid Fire slated for a December release. These 1/8th scale toys with real fabric costumes and very high detail retail for about $35 each in Japan. In other Kamen Rider news Uni-Five will be releasing Kamen Rider Kuuga Battle sets.
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More Fist of the North Star 200X Releases

VAF.jpg - 4551 Bytes The Kaiyodo Museum Store has been updated with a picture of the new Falco 200X toy, which can be seen in full by clicking here. Besides the awesome articulation that has become synonymous with the 200X name, Falco will also feature deadly shining arms. Falco will be available starting October 20th in Japan and retail about $26, if Previews hold true to there pattern they�ll probably offer him for around $16 in the future. In other FOTNS 200X news a version of the 200X Kenshiro toy will now be packaged with a life-size FOTNS calendar, this item will retail around $55.

New Prize Items

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Some of Banpresto's latest nifty prize items can be seen here. A set of Super Deformed Ah My Goddess key-chains will be available featuring the likes of Belldandy, Urd, Skuld and Peorth and the little robot dude whose name is slipping my mind at the moment. Also on the way are some transformable super deformed robots, Combattler V and the RX-78-2 Gundam each transform into a Jet. Banpresto is also unleashing some really cool Kamen Riders of past and present on their respective Bikes.

Well, that's it for now! See ya right back here next week!

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