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By Ray H.

DragonBall Toys from Around the World

DragonBall isn't just popular in Japan. The series airs on almost every continent on Earth, and is popular enough Europe and Mexico to spawn action figures. The most notable producer of DragonBall toys in other parts of the world is AB.

Super Guerriers Articule'

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This line is almost like the Japanese SBC line, its just about to scale a few figures are slightly large for SBC but it's close enough for the most part. They also have about the same amount of articulation as the Japanese line, as well.

This line is home to some rather strange obscure selection of characters, many of which are from the last few DBZ movies, and the Buu Saga. There are 25 of these figures, many of which have been offered by Irwin in the U.S. These used to be hard to find, but nowadays they have been popping up more.

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Full Action Kits

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AB produced more FAKs, besides offering the Japanese Gogeta, and SSJ3 Gokou, they also made an all new Veggeto, Tapion, and Minosha. Veggeto is like the other Japanese FAKs but Tapion and Minosha use different body types. This is a perfect way to extend the all too short FAK line.

3-inch Figures

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I don't know the official name for this line, but it consist of a bunch of articulated 3"-ish figures that come with many of the vehicles from DBZ, as well as some playsets. These were very popular in Mexico, and were produced around 1995. The best item in this line has to be Mr. Satan and his Car from the opening of the Buu Saga. It's the car that Gohan and Videl ride in.

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Lots (and lots) of 2" mini-figures have been released over the years. Some recreate specific scenes from the series, while some are just big multipacks.

16" Figures

Quite a few of these were produced some are "all new" some are just releases from the Japanese Best of the Best figures. This line consist of Gokou, Gokou & Gohan, SSJ3 Gokou, SSJ Gokou, Videl, Android 13, Janemba, Veggeto, Goten, Tapion, Majin Buu, and that yellow blob guy from the Janemba movie.

Odds and Ends

AB also produces other odds and ends like Keychains, Bendable figures and mini Combat sets.

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