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By Ray H.

doa2pac.jpg - 10749 Bytes Dead or Alive 2 has proven a big hit for it's publisher, Tecmo, on the Sega Dreamcast videogame system, and will soon be making it's way to a Playstation near you soon, as well. The game, a total kick-butt fighter, has received rave reviews for it's outstanding graphics, lush environments and killer play, and has been making a ton of new fans - which will only increase with the upcoming Playstation port.

Now, fans of Dead or Alive 2 get some very cool - however, very expensive - action figures thrown their way. Check out these new offerings of Ayane and Kasumi. Each of these DOA2 figures is very nicely articulated, and features nicely detailed costumes.
DOA2.jpg - 20159 Bytes The leg joints on these dolls are particularly cool, because of the way they are designed. Due to the double knee joint, you can actually bend the leg all the way back for some pretty cool looking poses. These are 1/8 scale and produced by Epoch. They retail for about $85 each. That's pretty pricey, but these really are some very nice high end dolls for the die-hard Dead or Alive 2 fan.

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Speaking of high-end dolls, take a gander at these extremely cool SNK dolls from Takara. They're from the Samurai Showdown (known as Samurai Spirits in Japan) video game series. Each figure also includes cool little dagger accessories.

Cham Cham, Nakoruru and Rimururu have all been imortalized in plastic, so be on the look out for 'em. These SNK dolls are hard to find these days. Like the Dead or Alive 2 action figures the Samurai Showdown dolls are expensive, retailing from $95 to $118.

If you're interested in some of these they can be ordered over at Hobby Link Japan.

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