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By Ray H.

Action Figures

MSIA.jpg - 25430 Bytes If kit figures ain't your style, don't worry - Bandai's got you covered with lots of cool Gundam Action Figures. There are lots of different series of Gundam Action Figures out there, this section will cover the most readily available and some stuff that's coming soon.

The biggest thing going on right now is Bandai's MOBILE SUIT IN ACTION (MSIA) line. These toys are about the size of a star wars figure, and are just decked out with about 15+ points of articulation. Not to mention on top of that these come with gobs of accessories like Guns, Cannons, Beam Sabers, and lots of interchangeable hands specifically designed for the variety of weapons. To fully appreciate the detail on these little dudes you have to see them in person. MSIA are gearing up to invade America. Besides what's in the pictures here, Bandai plans on making a line of Gundam Wing MSIA, that will be showing up in America this summer.

Back in Japan Bandai's going to do some big releases this year. Really big. Like, 16 inches big! A giant MSIA scale "MA-08 Big Zam" will be coming out later this summer. This guy will be about 16 inches tall and will be ready to terrorize all the other MSIA. Also coming soon (and shown below) are the RGM-79 and Ball, plus the MSN-02 Zeong. UC (Universal Century) MSIA are now showing up in the US too, in stores like EB, where they go for around $14 each. That's a pretty good import price, considering the Japanese retail for MSIA is about $9 each. When the Gundam Wing figures come out they'll retail for about $6 for basics, and $10 for the deluxe toys.

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The Gundam Chogokin action figures (above) are spectacular. These are very high end toys with die cast construction and are very poseable, with a complex articulation system that's quite a feat of engineering. These Gundams are done in 1/144 scale so they fit right in with the 1/144 kits and make a great centerpiece in a collection. These toys come with a bunch of accessories like the MSIA, and have a bunch of interchangeable hands thrown in too for all the different weapons, plus have an "old school" Styrofoam box to keep everything in. On top of that there's a cool little mini-figures of Amuro Ray and Char Aznable that come with their respective mobile suits. What's out right now is the RX-78-2, Char's Zaku and a standard issue green Zaku II that comes with a little in scale Dopp. Bandai will also soon be releasing the RGM-79 and the new RX-78-3 from the Gundam novels. In the same style as Bandai Chogokin offerings Bandai has also made a totally decked out "new material" Titanium Turn-A Gundam, with lots of articulation and lots of accessories, its about 8 inches tall.

SDMSIA.jpg - 11038 Bytes Lets not forget the SD enthusiast, Banpresto also has a sort of "super deformed mobile suit in action" series. These are SD Gundam toys with a ton of interchangeable parts that will be coming soon. Also keep an eye out for the new ZETA action gokins, coming soon. There is a bunch of other older Gundam toys that are out there like G-Gundam, HCM series, and Yutaka's 0083 line. Some of these might still be found at specialty shops, so check it out. this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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