Being Human - Wave Three

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BBC's Being Human – Wave Three

Following the success of Waves One and Two (which debuted at CC27 and CC29 respectively, dMan Studios is proud to present the latest wave, based on the third series of the hit BBC supernatural comedy-drama, delving further into the world of three twenty-something housemates, who happen to be a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf...


Anthony Michael McNair is a werewolf and self-appointed vampire hunter. Fifteen years ago, vampires abducted him and forced him to cage fight with a werewolf. Although McNair won, he was turned in the process, and has since dedicated himself to a life as a nomadic vampire killer, and lives in a camper van with his adolescent son, Thomas. McNair comes complete with a cage-fight stand.


Tom is the son of McNair, and travels with him in his hunt for vampires, and to join the fabled ‘pack'. When he encounters more werewolves in the form of George and Nina, Tom comes to discover that not everything McNair has told him was true. Tom comes complete with a camping camper van stand.


Sasha is a foul-mouthed, drunken and visibly deteriorating "Type Four" - a zombie, the first such being sighted in the Being Human universe. Initially displaying ignorance of her true condition or the circumstances of what had happened to her, she later admits that she was actually fully aware of what happened to her and was simply denying the truth, and that she could feel herself rotting. She comes complete with a nightclub stand.


Adam Jacobs is a vampire, turned at the age of 16 and thus, despite being 46, is stuck as a teenager, with all the emotional maturity that this entails! When he encounters George and Nina in the hospital where his father is dying, he joins up with the group in an attempt to control his vampirism – and his raging hormones. He comes complete with a father-in-hospital-bed base.

Edgar Wyndham

Edgar Wyndham is one of the Old Ones, a caste of revered vampire elders who command the obedience of other vampires. He declares himself to be about 1,000 years old, and first appears posing as a senior police officer while he sorts out the problems caused by Mitchell's arrest that threatened to put at risk vampire plans for the world. He comes complete with a filing cabinet/office stand.

Recipes - Being Human - Wave Three

BBC's Being Human – Wave Three

Created by Damien Passmore aka dMan ([email protected]).


McNair: Movie Prof. X head, 'Grave' Spike torso and legs, Vampire Spike coat. Original Agent Smith arms. And some sculpy.

Tom: Movie Peter Parker head, 'Beneath You' Spike torso and arms, UK Gladiator legs, Little Nicky feet, misc hands. And some sculpy.

Sasha: Blue dress Sidney Bristow with Vanessa Kensington head. And some sculpy.

Adam: Frodo head, S3 Fred torso, Scott Evil arms, Oz legs. And some sculpy.

Wyndham: 'Bad Girls' Wesley with Mattel Snape head and Capt. Jack ears. And some sculpy.